Can Microwave Radiation Cause Cancer?

Can Microwave Radiation Cause Cancer?

A microwave is a kitchen appliance that is used to heat and cook food by emitting electromagnetic radiation that is used to either warm food or cook it. This appliance is of great essence since it heats food quickly. The first microwave was invented in 1946. Over the years there have been many speculation as to whether the radiation from the microwave can cause cancer. In the recent years cancer has become a terminal disease and many factors have been attributed to the rising cause of cancer. One of those factors is exposure to any kind of radiation.

Radiation is a form of energy that is transmitted in form of waves or particles through any medium or through space. This is the kind of energy that the microwave uses to heat or cook food. There are many arguments as whether this kind of radiation that the microwave uses can cause cancer. The fact that exposure to any form of radiation can cause cancer points out to the fact that indeed microwave radiation can cause cancer. Studies point out to the fact that indeed foods that have been under microwave radiation are extremely dangerous to our health.

This is because the microwave oven usually heats food in such a way that it produces high-frequency microwaves which usually force water molecules to heat up as a result of violent vibration. The result of the water molecules being heat is that the molecules will fracture up and the result will be rearrangement or changing the chemical components of the food. This is one of the causes of cancer. The other thing is that studies indicate that microwave radiation can cause cancer in the following way: Aging microwave doors and seals can allow electromagnetic fields and invisible microwave emissions to leak or pass through them. When the electromagnetic fields and invisible microwave emissions leak through they are transmitted to other rooms of the house. When people are exposed to such kind of radiation and emissions it has been shown to be one of the leading causes of cancer disease.

Another way in which microwave cause cancer is by use of plastic containers which are used to warm or rather to heat food. When plastic containers are heat they produce carcinogens which usually mix with food. This is because plastic dishes are manufactured with many different organic and inorganic compounds and some of them indeed cause cancer. When these plastics are made, many substances are usually added to it to help shape the plastic and stabilize it. Two of the most important chemicals found in plastics are BPA and phthalates. When the plastic container is microwaved, these chemicals may leak into food and be cancerous.

On the flip side other studies also indicate that microwave radiation may not cause cancer if at all we take the necessary precautions. One of the precautions is to use glass or ceramic containers or plates labelled to be used in the microwave to warm food. The second precaution is to take safety measure as well as not allow plastic wraps such as cling film not to touch food while it is being microwaved. The alternative is to use wax paper, white paper towels and parchment paper. The third precaution is to avoid using water bottles, plastic containers holding margarine or yoghurt and take out containers to warm or heat food. Also avoid using old, cracked or scratched containers or containers that have been microwaved many times as they have the effect of realising plasticizers to food. The fourth precaution is to avoiding microwaving food in plastic storage bags or plastic bags from the grocery.

In conclusion the issue of whether microwave radiation can cause cancer is a two sides of a coin. It depends on how you use the microwave. If you use the microwave and follow all the instructions and take all the necessary precautions such as warming food in plastic containers that are labelled for microwave use then there is no cause for alarm. On the other hand if you do take the necessary precautions then there is a high likelihood that in the long run continuous use of the microwave can indeed cause cancer.

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