How A Microwave Works

We are all aware of the function that a microwave is able to accomplish. Microwaves are able to warm up leftovers and cook meals that we are looking to consume. They are wonderful appliances to own in your home, and are able to give us something to eat at a quick and easy rate. Often times we don’t take the time to understand how these devices work, and how they are able to give us the food we need so quickly and easily. There is plenty of information that you are able to find when it comes to the ability of a microwave, and how it is able to heat up our food that we eat. In this article, we are going to discuss how the microwave works, and what it takes to help it give our food the heat that it needs to cook our food or warm up our leftovers to our desired temperature.



The word microwave, means that they are electromagnetic waves that have the ability to fly through space at the speed of light. Microwaves are not able to been seen by the naked eye, however, if you could see microwaves, they would let off an intense glow. Food has the ability to absorb these microwaves and create the heat we need to warm or cook our food. Because of the photons, which are particles that exist in microwaves, it doesn’t damage the molecules that lie within our food. These particles keep the microwaves from becoming strong enough to cause damaging effects such as cancer. So, when it comes to microwaves, they are strong enough to cook and heat our food, however, they are not strong enough to hurt us as a human being by ingesting the food after the microwaves have had an effect on the food we eat.


Microwave Ovens

To be able to generate the microwaves that you will find within a microwave oven, a component that is called the magnetron uses the electricity that lies inside of the device. The transformer, that is part of the microwave oven, uses the electricity from the plug-in on your wall, to be able to power the magnetron. The voltage, from your outlet, heats a filament, that lies within the center of the magentron, which results in boiling off the electrons. After this action takes place, the electrons will then move quickly, in a straight line, towards a positive terminal, called an anode, that is surrounding the filament. Then the electrons bend back towards the filament, by two ring magnets that lie above and below the anode, and then they fly around in a circular path. As the electrons fly past openings in the anode, they are able to generate microwaves from this motion. These microwaves are then transmitted by an antenna and into the cooking compartment, and this is where they get bounced around where they eventually are able to penetrate the food inside of the microwave. The metal mesh, that is designed inside of the door, is able to keep the microwaves inside of the oven, without them leaking out. If this metal mesh was not there in the door, the microwaves would leak out, therefore, it wouldn’t be able to heat up your food. The turntable, that you will find inside of a microwave, is used to be able to turn the food to heat or cook it evenly. This is important, otherwise you would end up having cold and hot spots in the food that you are trying to heat up.


In conclusion, when it comes to the function of a microwave, there are several different parts of the oven that help heat up your food to the proper temperature. There are so many different things that have to work properly, inside one of these devices, so that it is able to properly cook the food that you are trying to prepare. Microwaves are incredibly useful pieces of equipment that you can have in your kitchen, and just about everyone has this specific appliance within their home. These machines work quickly to cook or warm up your food, and they are incredibly convenient to use whenever you are in the mood for something hot to eat, without having to wait on a conventional oven to get the job done.

Food You Can Cook In Your Microwave

Just about anyone in society today, will find that there are so many times that we are ready to pop dinner in the microwave so get a quick and easy dinner. When you use a microwave, you are able to cook food in half the time that it takes to cook it in the oven. This means that you are able to get your dinner easy and be able to enjoy your dinner quicker. There are so many different types of foods that you can cook in the microwave, and in this article we are going to discuss the different types of foods that you can pop in the microwave and enjoy quickly. There are several individuals who are not even aware of the fact that they are able to use their microwave for so many types of meals and recipes. Therefore, they don’t use their microwave for anything other then ready to eat meals that require simple heating in the microwave. However, there are so many satisfactory meals and recipes that you can choose from that is going to satisfy your hunger and bring you a meal that is hot, quick, and easy to accomplish. So, when it comes to your microwave, there are so many options that you have available for you to use for so many different foods that you love to cook and eat.

List Of Foods You Can Microwave

There are so many different types of foods that you can microwave. These meals will give you a quick, hot, easy, and delicious meal that you can enjoy while you relax in your home. So, whenever you are ready to warm up a meal in the microwave, here are a list of foods that you will be able to stick in the microwave and come out with fast and easy. These foods include:


  • Ramen Noodles
  •  Instant macaroni and cheese
  •  Butternut squahs
  •  Pizzadilla
  •  Sweet potato meals
  • Egg omelettes
  •  Quinoa
  •  Rice
  •  Mashed potatoes
  • Nachos
  •   Beans


There is an unlimited list of food items that you can use when it comes to cooking in your microwave, and these foods are able to give you what you are looking for when it comes to a quick and easy meal.


Meals You Can Cook In The Microwave


If you are looking to cook bigger meals in the microwave, instead of ready to eat meals, there are plenty of recipes that you can actually cook inside of a microwave that will satisfy your hunger craving for a good hot meal. These different meals include recipes such as:


  •  Strawberry breakfast bowl
  •  Blueberry muffins in a mug
  •  Crispy bacon
  •  French toast in a mug
  •  Quiche
  •  Scrambled eggs
  •  Corn-on-the-cob
  •   Salmon
  •   Meatloaf
  •   Chicken fajita
  •   Steamed vegetables
  •   Risotto


These meals are quick and easy to make in the microwave, however, they are able to fill you up, and bring you a meal that is going to satisfy your taste buds and your hunger. If you are looking to cook a hot delicious meal inside of your microwave, you are able to do so with these different types of recipes. There aren’t many individuals who are aware of the fact that they are able to make an entire meal and different recipes right inside of their microwave, however, there are so many different recipes that will be made to perfection whenever you are cooking in your microwave.


In conclusion, you will be able to find that you can cook all types of items of food in your microwave. It may seem impossible to accomplish, or it may even seem a little silly to cook in your microwave, but that is what these machines were designed to do. They were uniquely designed to be able to cook food and meals to perfection, and without having to wait a long time for it to be ready to eat. Microwaves were designed to bring you the food, that you love and desire, quickly and efficiently to satisfy your hunger. So, whenever you are looking to cook an amazing and delicious meal, and you don’t want to have to wait hours for it to cook and become ready to eat, then you are able to find so many different types of food and recipes that you can achieve for your meal needs.