Microwave or oven – The difference

Microwave or oven – The difference


Microwaves are simple devices which simply need a magnetron and a high voltage source to operate. A metal box with a waveguide is added to it to make it a little safer to use so that magnetron directs short radio waves through the metal box. This makes the microwave to bounce in the metal box waiting to come into conduct with fats, water, sugars, ceramics and much more. These microwaves heat up these molecules through dielectric loss in relatively efficient manner.

On the other hand, ovens are believed to be an extension of a basic microwave. Baking process of an oven is a bit complicated than that of a microwave because it throws heat from all sides a feature which makes it ideal for the cooking process. It also has a convention mode which can be used for cooking.

Electric ovens are the best and were invented in late 19th century and were destined for commercial use since electricity was not readily available. Mass ownership of ovens was experienced later when better and efficient use of power was available. Ovens have become high-tech concerning cooking leading to individual ownership of the device. However, microwave radiation to excite the molecules in food causing friction hence producing heat.

An oven is a kitchen appliance used for heating and roasting food. Foods that can cook in an oven include casseroles, meat, as well as baked goods such as cake, bread, and other desserts. The oven is also used in households tool used to cook and heat food in many households across the globe. The modern oven is fueled by electricity or natural gas to perform. When the oven is contained in a complete stove, the fuel used for the oven is different from the fuel used for stove burners.

Microwaves have a convention wave which offers quick cooking features with browning and crisping. It has been proved scientifically that microwave emits waves that bounce causing water molecules to generate heat when they come in conduct with them a property which cooks food. Whereas convention oven technology uses a fan which forces air movement which heats its interior hence cooking food.

Oven also means a closed chamber with heat to cook, bake or grill food items. Traditionally oven heat was generated by use of charcoal and wood and is still used in Indian bakeries to make food. The traditional oven was believed to be efficient since coal stayed with heat for a long time. Ovens differ according to the means of heating which they use.

An oven without any prefix or suffix refers to traditional ovens. Oven means a closed chamber with heat to cook, grill and bake food items. In the traditional ovens, heat is generated with the help of charcoal and wood. Still, these ovens are used in Indian bakeries for baking purpose. The traditional ovens are energy efficient as charcoal is hot for a long duration. There are many types of Ovens in the market based on power source – traditional oven, microwave oven, gas oven, electric oven. While microwave is a recent technological advancement of a microwave oven. Radiation is the source of heat in a microwave which is used to heat food. Water molecules are made to vibrate by an electron called magnetron which is generated by microwave vibration. The vibration leads to heating of water molecules hence heating of food.

Microwaves are instruments which use radio waves to cook food using electromagnetic spectrum. They only run on electricity and takes the shortest time possible compared to ovens. Microwaves are cheaper and very easy to use. Ovens are insulated devices which are used for baking, cooking, and heating. They take a longer time to cook compared to microwaves and are difficult to maintain. There are dangers of leakage in gas ovens.


Both microwave and ovens uses different methods to cook, and the common one is the heat it from below. Heating it from below is commonly used for baking and roasting. They can also be heated from the top to provide boiling or grilling which is a conventional method in the USA or Commonwealth countries. A fan oven has been introduced to provide even and faster cooking. The fan assisted oven uses the small fan to circulate air in the cooking chamber to produce heat.

Different ovens vary in the way they are controlled. The simplest one does not need any control and runs continuously at various temperatures. The second one is by conventional which has a simple thermostat that turns the oven on and off while selecting the temperature at which it operates. There is a timer which enables automatic switching on and off of the oven at pre-set times.

There are more sophisticated complex ovens with computer-based controls to allow for a wide variety of operating modes and unique features. The important feature includes temperature probe which enables it automatically shut the oven off when the food is thoroughly cooked to the desired degree level.


Use of oven in cooking and roasting food is the best compared to microwave. This is because ovens are made to provide various aids to cleaning. Oven cleaning chamber has been coated using a catalytic surface to make it convenient for continuous cleaning. There are also self-cleaning ovens which use pyrolytic decomposition to oxidize dirt hence making it easy for self-cleaning. Steam ovens are easily cleaned manually as it has a wet-soak cycle that loosens dirt. When special methods for cleaning ovens are not available, chemical oven cleaners can be used to clean ovens.

According to me, ovens are the best-compared microwave. This is because they have varied uses starting from the roasting of bread, cakes, and other necessary foods. Ovens can also be used to roast meat faster than a microwave can do hence listed as the best. They are fitted with an automatic timer which switches off when roasting food is fully cooked. Ovens are also made to be durable, and when great care is taken, they can stay for long.



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